About us

Visinator founders: Daniel Nåfors, Jonatan Berglund, Liang Gong, and Erik Lindskog (Photo: Nina Silow)

Founded in December of 2017, Visinator is a spin-off company from the research group in Virtual and digital production systems at Chalmers University of Technology. Visinator offers solutions for industrial layout planning at small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, aiding them to expand or reorganize their production facility. By combining years of research in industrial layout planning with state of the art technologies in 3D laser scanning, CAD modeling, and VR technology Visinator delivers a complete package to plan and visualize changes in highly accurate natural scale models. The VR interface let’s all involved parties fully understand and be part of the planning process at an early stage. This ensures the future layout’s feasibility and functionality, anchors it within the organization, and let’s decision makers have the complete picture before investments are finalized.


Our Research Publications

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